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Free Credit Report
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Steven H. - ★★★★★
This is a great deal. I got the credit report, it said there were only 14 left.


Jamie L. - California ★★★★★
Checking your credit report is a big deal. There have been massive security breaches, Target just got hit for 40 Million credit card numbers. They're encouraging everyone to check their credit report immediatley.


Adam A. - Alabama ★★★★★
I checked my report. I think my credit card number was used in the Target thing. Crap! Found a few charges on my report that aren't mine!


Janet. - Florida ★★★★★
I have a question, why are they able to give these things for free? What's the catch?


Tammy. - Colorado ★★★★★
Janet, i thought the same thing and what we found is that some companies give away free stuff online to generate a buzz for their product. It's worth it to them to give it out for free on Pch because they'll spread the word. Hope that helps!


Steven D - Kansas ★★★★★
Janet - like Tammy said above, I've seen giveaways like this before. They love to give stuff away because we'll use it and tell our family/friends.The only bad news is that when they're gone, they are gone. So get in while you can. It's a win/win.


Debra Dean - Oklahoma ★★★★★
Cool! I got my free credit score - it was actually a little higher than I thought it was.


Sharen O. - Utah ★★★★
I THOUGHT I knew my credit score but I was WRONG. I thought it was 700 but turns out it's 535 due to an unpaid bill from my last apartment. They said I could pay it and get the score raised again. I would have never known.


Jim W. - Colorado ★★★★
I got the free score and am pleased. Easy to use, no B.S. Go ahead and do it.


Wendy L. - Washington ★★★★
I used the link and got my free score. Pretty simple. No problems. I'd give it 5 stars but for some reason the site ran slow. Might have been my internet acting up, not sure.


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Theresa J. - California ★★★★★
Due to the massive security breach at Target my report was full of charges I didn't make. Using this free credit check I found them and got them reversed.

James White. - Michigan ★★★★★
Never thought to check my credit score really. No one ever taught me how important it can be and how it can affect your other bills. Big thanks!

Mike W. - Texas ★★★★★
I checked my credit score and it was lower than I thought. I have some work to do.



Hurry: Only 4 remaining

Free Credit Report
Access Your Free Score Instantly
Retail Price: $49.95
Your Price: FREE!
Use promo code "Pch" at checkout

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